WestWind Oy is agile onshore wind farm and solar park developer in Finland. We are continuously looking for new areas suitable for renewable green energy power plants.


In addition to solar power, wind power is the only renewable and carbon-free energy source in Finland. The importance of these two is growing with the global climate challenges. The importance of clean electricity generation will be further emphasized as the electrification of society increases globally.

Wind and solar energy are inexhaustible, renewable and environmentally friendly forms of energy. They reduce carbon emissions from electricity generation by pushing fossil fuel electricity out of the market.

Wind power generation is currently the fastest growing form of energy production. In Finland, wind farms are distributed in different parts of the country in areas where power plants have space to be away from population. Many small towns get jobs, land rent and property tax revenues from wind farms.

photo: Suomen Tuulivoimayhdistys ry


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